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Avison Office   Topview eyewear was estalished in 2007, is a professional OEM eyewear manufacturer. Our advantage products is Acetate eyewear (Especially for Lamination eyewear) , Titantium eyewear, Metal eyewear, Aluminium eyewear,carbon fiber eyewear, etc.
We mainly provide OEM eyewear service for Europe, US, Australia and Japan designer eyewear brands, We sincerely welcome customers from both at home and abroad to cooperate with us to build rewarding business partnerships...
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We can laminate different acetate colors and material together on your lamination eyewear.   We can produce Metal eyewear and Titanium eyewear. Different color and materials.   Aluminium is lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant. It is used primarily by high-end eyewear.  
We can produce Carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses, unique hinges, screws, temples.
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